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Web Development

Almost overnight, the Internet's gone from a technical wonder to a business must.

                                         - Bill Schrader

Web Development

Web Wiz Developers Association

We use the following in our web development and database implementation:
ASP, .NET, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL, Flash, PhotoShop

Web Applications

Turn your Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, Word Documents and more into powerful forms on the Web. Access these forms on the Internet or on a private Intranet. Administrator controls may also be developed to help you manage these forms or simply have them emailed to you. Add a login and SSL certificate for a more secure application.

Intranets & Extranets

Streamline your internal operations online by allowing access to your company's HR documents, calendar, announcements and more through a corporate Intranet.This information will only be available to those on your network. To allow access to those outside the network, use an Extranet with a secure login to portions of the Intranet needing public access. Have us set up Microsoft Sharepoint as your Intranet or have us custom create an Intranet suiting your company's needs.

Web Design

We will keep in mind the target audience while maintaining a profession design of the site, all tailored to your business. We will work with you to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our work. We will provide a temporary web address for you to view the progress of the site and provide us feedback.

Web Site Maintenance

We will help to keep your web presence fresh and up to date. We provide monthly, weekly and even daily updates to your site. Typical updates include but are not limited to monthly newsletters, announcements, contact and employee information, and monthly featured items.

Database Design/Administration

  • Create a new database or maintain an existing one
  • Index an SQL database to optimize the performance
  • Create switchboards, forms, reports, or web pages to interact with your database

Web Development Process

Basic Web Sites

  • Meet/Discuss site needs
  • Contract presented, agreed upon, and signed
  • Templates created (usually about 3) - demo links given to client
  • Template agreed upon
  • Remaining site developed, client informed of progress, client provides feedback
  • Site turned over to client - placed on live server and connected to domain (clients usually already have a domain, but a domain purchase may be needed prior to transfer)
  • Client Invoiced, payment received

Database Driven Sites (Web Sites, Intranets, Extranets, Web Apps)

  • Same information as above for basic Web sites
  • client given login info if applicable
  • Client shown how to use admin area or web app

Database Administration

  • Meet/Discuss database needs
  • Contract presented, agreed upon, and signed
  • Work completed as stated in contract - contingent on work to be completed. (Examples of past work: hands on (training) showing the client how to do something in Access, creating the database and forms in Access then given to the client, adding to existing Access database - forms, queries, reports)
  • Client Invoiced, payment received

Featured Projects

Multi Modal Trucking:   http://www.multimodaltrucking.com
Real America Development:   http://www.realamericadev.com
RSE Realty:   http://www.rserealty.com
INAPEF:   http://www.inapef.org
Harper Global:   http://www.harperglobal.com
Zink Distributing:   http://www.zinkdistributing.com
Hoosier Gasket Corp:   http://www.hoosiergasket.com
Devon's Blessings:   http://www.devonsblessings.com
Kruse Auction Fraud:   http://www.kruseauctionfraud.com
LBH Construction:   http://www.lbhllc.com
360 Thought Leadership:   http://www.360thoughtleadership.com

Demo Sites
Title Manager   http://demo.itindy.com/TitleManager
Video Portal   http://demo.itindy.com/videos
Knowledge Base   http://intellinet.itindy.com/demos/kb
Bulletin Board   http://intellinet.itindy.com/demos/bb
Inventory Tracker   http://intellinet.itindy.com/demos/inventory
Intranet   http://intellinet.itindy.com/demos/intranet