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The Name allesTEK Explained

Al + Les + Technology = allesTEK

              What a GENIUS idea.

About Our Company

Our Name

Yes, it is quite a unique name! Let us explain. Alles is German for everything. Tek is short for technology. Keeping with the German look, it is spelled Tek instead of Tec or Tech. It is pronounced 'ah-less tech'. But the story doesn't end there. Alles is also the names of the owners put together, Al and Les.

Company History

The company was started in 1999 with just Les and Al as partners. They called the company IntelliNet Consulting, LLC. Their goal was to provide high-quality support at an affordable price. They succeeded in this goal and began to become recognized as a leader in the IT industry, leading other companies in technology such as firewalls and remote access.

Beginning January 1, 2004, the company's name changed to the present name allesTek, Inc. (See name description above). The company has grown to 7 employees and is on track to grow even further. The current company goal is to expand their client base by focusing on managed services while continuing to provide quality support at an affordable price as a leader in the IT industry.

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